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Susan Blackwood



Susan is dedicated to improving the EXPERIENCE of life.

A life with Guidance

As we age, all of us eventually recognize that our life is made up of a series of choices. One decision we go this way, another decision we go another way. Each decision has an impact on our perception of what life is, who we are and what we want.

Each experience shapes us into who we are in this moment. Some are good and some are challenging. As we are having all these moments of choices, we will cross thresholds or rites of passages. Ritual can tie all these elements together. Ritual can help us to make sense of changes in our life. Ritual may help us to reform community.

Weddings, funerals, deaths, diagnosis, ageing, relocation to senior home, personal development and daily practices. Susan can help through a combination of skills, all leading to a better life choice.


What I offer?

Susan Blackwood

A combination of Certificate, Skills and Learned Lessons in Care

I bring a variety of skills and abilities from an eclectic background. Energy bodywork, ritual and ceremony work, spiritual counseling, senior companioning are some of the services provided.  Together with my business partner, we have opened a business called RestSure specializing in end of life service.



Certified Life Cycle Celebrant with Celebrant Foundation and Institute, Reverend with CIMM, Certified in Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Reflexology and ARC Bodywork Therapy.  



I am a deep listener to what is being said and not being said. I am compassionate regardless of what is arising in the client. I hold the big picture, helping clients navigate the journey, and all the forms it takes.



My goal is empowering the human being going through this time right up to passing regardless of what I am being asked to do. I bring consistency.



Once I take a client on I am consistent in the care of their needs. I am an independent presence in their life, a safe place to speak concerns and fears. I am steadfast and able to handle every stage and all that it brings. I have highly developed communication skill and an ability to talk with medical staff, care aides, family, and the client.



My skills include fundamental energy practices, deep listening skills, spiritual counselling skills, and celebrancy services. I also understand the logistics of the process requiring organizational skills, liaison skills and knowledge of legal requirements and paperwork for end of life.



I took care of my parents at the end of their lives. It was a wild journey, so unexpected in so many ways. I was alone in their passage towards their death. It impacted me deeply. It gave me a deep calling to be able to offer others going through this process a safe haven during the journey, a trusted ally, an advocate for the client, for the family. There are a multitude of choices to be made on the journey and I am adaptable to meet a client at whatever stage they are at.

awesome ceremonies full of fun spirtualness and relevance to you 

awesome ceremonies full of fun spirtualness and relevance to you 

Guidance through PAperwork adn setting up strucutre

Guidance through PAperwork adn setting up strucutre

End of Life Counselling

End of Life Counselling

creative fun and inviting ceremonies

creative fun and inviting ceremonies

renewing Vowes

renewing Vowes




Services are Energetic Body Work, Ceremonies by Design, Senior Companioning, and Restsure


Energetic body work

Energy work creates a potential for inner awareness – what is happening right here, right now...  Relaxing into the massage table encourages spaciousness.  All of a sudden there is room to see what is happening.  It opens up the possibility of shifting long held beliefs and values.  Suddenly woundedness heals and self empowerment kicks in. 

ceremonies by design

Ceremony, whether it be the joy of marriage, the grief of a funeral, the excitement of a baby naming, or the relief of a divorce celebration, encourages us to gather with community and acknowledge what is happening in our lives right here and right now. Ceremony allows us to voice, to speak and to act from our deepest essence in gatherings of family and friends.

senior companioning

Sometimes we just need a bit of help to feel our freedom, to remain independent and to maintain a sense of dignity.  Individual, family and friends need to know someone is watching and caring for them and their loved ones.  DO YOU NEED HELP OR DOES SOMEONE YOU LOVE NEED A HAND/  Susan brings to every client, well-established communication skills, client care experience, and a deep respect of people's diversity, individual differences and perspectives



My business partner and I have started an end of life coaching business. We help individuals overcome resistance to completing end of life paperwork.






On the beautiful Vancouver Island in the province of British Colombia in the West Coast of Canada.

Time to cash in your chips
put your ideas and beliefs on the table.
See who has the bigger hand
you or the Mystery that pervades you.
— adyashanti.